1. Working on a new cell animation based off some of my writings. Finished work soon to come.


  2. "I yearn for the sense of adventure,
    to explore a place untouched by man.
    I seek to fulfill my curiosity,
    and thrive on the idea of getting lost.
    The crisp air is littered with silence,
    my senses are seized by the beauty,
    peace floods my thoughts.
    I took a walk in the forest,
    small and humble within a vast landscape,
    but came out taller than the tress."
    — I am working on a script for my next project in my concepts for motion media class. I’m excited to start filming this.
  3. Finished Stylefreames for LSTN Headphones. Check out LSTN Headphones! Great product for a great cause! Giving Back. Amplified. For my Concepts and Storyboarding Class. 

    Mayonaise Font by Marina Nunes

    Wood font by Rodrigo Araya Salas

    Matchbook Font by One By Four

  4. My set for my styleframes for Concepts and Storyboard Class.